South African Association for Language Teaching

Suid-Afrikaanse Vereniging vir Taalonderig

Mbumbano ya Africa Tshipembe ya u Gudisa Nyambo

The South African Association for Language Teaching (SAALT), a non-profit organisation (178-756 NPO), was founded in 1966 as the South African Language Study Group. Since then its membership has increased to the extent that the Association now represents a large number of language researchers and language teachers.

We serve language practitioners at all levels with information on the latest research, trends, and best practice related to the profession. The Journal for Language Teaching is our flagship product. Our annual conference practitioners productive interaction among language teaching professionals nationally. Our networks connect local language teaching professionals with global expertise.​

The Association is committed to multilingualism and emphasises this both in theory and in practice.

Important information


Chair: Prof. Rinelle Evans

Deputy Chair: Prof. Tobie van Dyk

Secretary: Dr. Connie Makgabo
Treasurer: DJ Cloete
Journal Editor: Dr. Kabelo Sebolai
Member:  Alexa Anthonie

President: Prof. Brenda Spencer
Webmaster: Herman Olivier

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