“If we understand better how to teach languages, we could enhance the academic experiences of
the majority of learners in South Africa, and abroad, substantially.”

The Journal for Language Teaching provides a quality outlet of language teaching research that adds value to this field that is unique. This is an important role in light of the relationship between language and academic success in South Africa, says the editor, Prof. Tobie van Dyk, as quoted in a report from the Academy of Science of South Africa. This year the Journal was subjected to independent scrutiny by the Committee on Scholarly Publishing in South Africa. 

We are pleased to announce that the Committee recommends the retention of the Journal’s accreditation with the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET). DHET accreditation is a prerequisite for research funding.

Consensus review: The editor and members of the editorial board are established researchers and there is a good mix of local and international academics. Local board members are affiliated to a range of local institutions.”

Other encouraging comments include: The articles are interesting, competent … of a good standard

The review was also positive about the international standing of the journal, but would like to see more contributions from the African Continent, articles by emergent scholars, and also articles in other South African Languages. The JLT has always been committed to multilingualism and this is indeed already evident. All recommendations will be taken seriously; we plan, moreover, to publish a comprehensive policy document, as suggested by the Committee.

Watch this space!

The full report is available here.

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