The International Language Testing Association (ILTA) now wants its Code of Ethics to be translated into Afrikaans. The Code consists of 9 fundamental principles, each elaborated on by a series of annotations. The Code also endeavours to reflect the ever changing balance of societal and cultural values across the world.

The ILTA request for translation into Afrikaans is good for multilingualism, good for Afrikaans, but above all, it bears testimony to the fact that the scholarly work of South African language testers is recognised far beyond its borders.

The Network of Expertise in Language Assessment (NExLA) has put a team together for the execution of this worthy endeavour. NExLA was recently established during the 2017 SAALT Conference

Further reading:

  1. ILTA Code of Ethics to be translated into Afrikaans (on the NExLA website).
  2. The ILTA Code of Ethics (on the ILTA website)​ ​

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