The How to … series

This is the second blog in our HOW TO …. series, compiled by the SAALT chairperson, Professor Rinelle Evans

The venue

  • ​Ensure you know where the venue is.
  • Check that sign posting is clear and is still attached to walls.
  • Make sure that it is unlocked; collect key from conference help desk.
  • Check that it is clean, tidy, well-lit and ventilated.
  • Is there sufficient seating?

The session

  1. Arrive before delegates and hasten them on so that the session starts on time and without interruptions.
  2. Assist presenter with handouts, projection and general preparation.
  3. Ask presenters to complete form below; adapt according to own style or event.
  4. Explain where the time keeper will sit and ensure speaker understands the meaning of the time cards.
  5. Start promptly.
  6. Welcome attendants and state theme of presentation/workshop clearly.
  7. Give brief introduction of speaker i.e. name, institution, topic and any outstanding achievement/interest.
  8. Keep time using flash cards provided.
  9. Facilitate Question and Answer session/discussion.
  10. Thank speaker.
  11. Hand over gift, if applicable.

  • Lock the venue (leave flash cards).
  • Return key to reception desk.

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